meet the hosts

Glen & Jamie have been visiting markets around the world for a number of years. Year after year, our friends in the design community would ask to tag along to market because it can be daunting for the first few times. That’s how the idea of the #GJdesigntour was born.

Glen & Jamie recognize that designers are a community. We are stronger as a group and supporting one another only serves to make everyone better. When we build one another up, we are built up as a community. 

tour details

Countless hours are spent planning and organizing the Glen & Jamie design tours. These tours are organized to help you register for the market, find transport, accommodations, meals and a primer before you go. At the market you have access to showrooms you may not be able to get to, a variety of meet and greets with CEO's, creative directors, product designers and industry icons, guided tours of showrooms, assistance with getting products you need for projects and tons of fun invites to fill your evenings and mix and mingle with your community. The tours themselves are FREE and the market and brands are happy to have us. You will have to pay for travel, accommodations and meals you have on your own. 

These tours are fantastic on many levels: for the markets to meet new designers, for the brands as they get introduced to new markets and clients, and for the designers who find new products for their creative projects and clients, and for Glen & Jamie because we get build our community and help ensure that design in Canada remains strong and vibrant (and keeps us employed)!



Glen & Jamie host tours at almost all of the North American markets where every new product for residential and commercial design is introduced, along with a few of the international ones. Check back regularly to see where they are headed next!